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Who is InteLegion Agency?

As a team of creative directors, our heads hurt for businesses that are not living up to their full potential and need a part-time director to upgrade or overhaul their branding strategy. With inexpensive management pricing and performance fees, we lower risks to maximize revenue by enabling you to pay for customers/clients who sign up.

Everything you need from an eye-catching brand website to digital marketing, SEO and GMB, content creation, optimization, and lead generation for your business is covered in your partnership with our agency at no additional cost. Contact us, leave expert market research, and campaign design to our agency, and focus more on attending to your new customers.

What does performance-based mean?

InteLegion is a performance-based advertising agency that grows as your business does. Instead of letting marketing become an overwhelming expense for your business, we offer affordable payment structures that reward us for every customer/client your business registers. This way your business is not committing to a budget for untested results, and we get a chance to prove our expertise to build a long-term relationship with your brand.

What advertising services InteLegion offers?
  1. Building your business's online presence to succeed includes a brand website, social media channels, creative content, and local listings.
  2. Designing advertising campaigns that take your business to greater heights and help generate healthier leads, conversion, and retention.
  3. Hiring and training teams that are capable of presenting the brand image your business deserves and can help convert leads into long-term customers.
  4. Build the foundation your business requires to scale and set up automation software than can lower your team's workload.
  5. Writing and creating automated content that is customized for your customers to help persuade them to make the conversion your business requires To maximize budget expenditure, generate and manage leads for maximum customer conversion and retention at the highest ROR possible expenditure.
  6. Going beyond business and campaign optimization. Giving our partnership the lighting speed measurements and live data to make informed decisions on the next moves.
  7. Giving you access to a 24/7 marketing director that can consult and manage the ongoing business and advertising decisions.
How can InteLegion help grow my business?

We are more than an outside marketing agency. With hands-on management and marketing specialists, we will help shape your brand, optimize your operations, train your teams, and design your brand's campaigns. Our agency will help you build a workplace culture designed for success and stay with you every step of the way. You can contact us if you have a specific need or question regarding your project.

What is the diffrence between long-tern and short-term partnerships?

Long-term performance-based partnerships require a minimum service agreement of 12 months. Management fees and performance rewards are negotiated based on the size and age of the business.

Advertising services based on month-to-month partnerships require separate budgets for services offered including but not limited to website development, content creation, and digital marketing.

You can contact us if you have a specific need or question regarding your project.

What is pricing for a small business looks like?

Small businesses are on average expected to pay a management fee of $2,500-$3,500 and a performance reward of $10-$250 per new customer/client registration. Small/Medium business accounts are recommended but not required to allocate a minimum advertising budget of $2,500/month to boost results. You can contact us if you have a specific need or question regarding your project.

Where can I find InteLegion's complete pricing model?

You can Click Here to visit our pricing page to learn more about our performance-based fee structures.

What can I expect from your agency?

As your partners in marketing, we move in with the tools and expertise you need to plan for success. In summary:

  1. First, we will evaluate your market and competition to design a sound strategy.
  2. Second, we will build your brand website and online presence by optimizing pages and profiles to rank among top competitors on the search engines.
  3. Third, we will reach your target audience and generate promising leads by designing and developing viral campaigns on print and digital platforms.
  4. While simultaneously, upgrading your business foundation, training your team, optimizing your workplace, and automating your practice's workflow.

This sounds easier said than done but with experienced marketing professionals by your side 24/7, you can focus more on running your law practice, assured you have partners committed to your brand. Because at the end of the day, we grow if your business grows. Be in the company of brands who have trusted us to expand on their potential.

How does partnership with InteLegion works?

After you contact us to start an account, we will take control of your marketing channels and begin laying down the foundation works that need to be done within the first month. Month two will be all about designing campaigns and running ads. After that, it is only optimization and training your team to cope with the increasing volume of service and expansion of your business.

Does InteLegion offer career opportunities?

Yes. Please contact us and email your resume and cover letter to Careers@InteLegion.com. In case you are a good match, we will reach out to you.

Where can I read reviews of InteLegion clients?

You can read our current and former clients' reviews on our Google Business Profile. Additionally, you can contact us and we can provide you with a list of authorized clients who you can contact and ask your questions about how our performance has helped their businesses and brands.